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Panorama on developing privacy law

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Monday, Jun 15, 2009

Panorama, the flagship documentary strand on BBC1, tonight broadcast a piece by Clive Coleman on press freedom and “developing privacy law“, and Pressylta highly recommends it. Should you be able to figure out how to watch it online, do do.

One thing struck me, a very minor thing, but nonetheless: the law firm Schillings seem to be the most aggressive (in letter-writing terms) when it comes to killing investigative stories in their infancy, at least if you listen to Ian Hislop of Private Eye. What happened to Carter Ruck, though? Gone soft…?

Incidentally, one day I’ll post something here on the fine art of passive-aggressive letter-writing, as practised by libel and privacy lawyers. Amazing stuff. Grammatically incoherent, usually, but amazing stuff.

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