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Mrs T igen

Categories: Brittiskt allmänt
Monday, May 6, 2013

Ämnet är värt att återvända till bara för detta: Andrew O’Hagans lysande text om Thatcher i NYRB:

She couldn’t hold the nation together, indeed she drove it apart, and that is because she didn’t really believe in the nation except as a sentimental or martial entity. That’s the strangest legacy of all about Maggie: if you listen to those who loved her and thought she was manifestly right, you find, after a while, that you are with people who don’t know their own country and don’t like it either. They think they like it because they don’t like Europe, but in fact, they abjure both. They like their own lives, of course, and their own kind, but they imagine the rest of Britain is mainly an unspeakable place of aliens and scroungers. This feeling borrows heavily from Thatcher and her notion that there is no such thing as society. We heard it recently from George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, when he spoke about people who are dependent on housing benefits, and you can find the same stuff every day in those apocalyptic screeds against the poor that adorn the Daily Mail.

One Response to “Mrs T igen”

  1. Ja, på kornet – och det säger förmodligen också en del om varför hon vann en sådan uppskattning i Amerika, eller bland svenska muffare – hon gestaltar en bild av att England *egentligen* är (bör vara) som Texas. Minus den mest hejdlösa utlevelsen och flashigheten då.


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